Buy Wholesale Upholstery Foam

Upholstery foam can be used for a variety of purposes. It’s generally used for seating and cushions but can also be used to protect high-value items in transit and for insulation purposes.

Although it is most commonly used in furniture manufacture and refurbishment, the variety of possible uses results in different types and qualities being available. For the main use in furniture, however, it’s essential that you are wary of cheap upholstery foam since this can often be sub-standard and results in poor quality products that deteriorate quickly and aren’t very comfortable.

Insist on High Quality Upholstery Foam

At The Foam Booth, we only supply upholstery foam of the highest quality. It’s Australian made. We also carry foams that meets fire safety standards, retains its shape despite regular heavy use and provides the level of comfort that furniture buyers demand. Comfort is, of course, often a matter of personal preference and so we supply different densities of foam that have varying levels of resilience. Some provide a firm seat while others vary from medium to soft so you can choose the one that’s most suitable. In all cases where heavy use is likely, we always recommend a commercial density that will withstand such treatment without sagging or otherwise going out of shape.

Polyurethane foam is the most commonly used filling for soft furnishings and is categorised by its density and compression. The former indicates the amount of material within a given area while the latter measures the amount of force needed to reduce the volume by at least one quarter. The two together, therefore, determine the resilience of the foam and the comfort it provides.

Professional users will recognise the value of our wholesale upholstery foam in terms of its flexibility and value for money. Its durability and long life, even with the heaviest of use, make it the most cost-effective upholstery filling available.

Where Can I Buy Upholstery Foam?

The short answer is that you can buy upholstery foam from lots of suppliers. Polyurethane foam is a by-product of the petroleum industry and so there is generally plenty of it about. But some of it is cheap upholstery foam that is low density and not up to the job because it won’t provide the level of comfort necessary in quality furniture and will soon lose its shape.

Our retail and wholesale upholstery foam is made to the highest specifications and is available in Sheets or can be cut to any length you need. We have foams that meet fire safety regulations, is resistant to moisture and odours, and is available in different densities and compression levels to meet your comfort and resilience needs. Some grades, in fact, can last for around fifteen years before replacement is necessary so they are likely to outlast the average couch.

We offer a range of high density foam for couch cushions to suit your needs as well as other products such as custom indoor seat cushions and booth seat cushions.

We don’t insist on you buying large quantities of our upholstery foam to obtain competitive prices because we know that will tie up your capital and take up valuable space. Instead, we’ll deliver your order quickly, so you don’t run out of stock. And we’ll always back up our quality products with quality advice and excellent service, so you’ll never be stuck.