Chair Cushions

There are few things quite as disappointing as looking at a beautifully designed and arranged sofa only to sit on it and discover that the chair cushions is unsupportive and incredibly uncomfortable. No matter how much it cost, the actual experience is ruined by the presence of poor quality. Those that have seen their once plump and luxurious cushions lose their lustre and no longer provide the same support or experience will rightly hesitate before they throw them away and the good news is that now they don’t have to. Read More

When You Need the Best Custom Chair Cushions in Sydney

At The Foam Booth, custom chair cushions are our speciality. We are based in Sydney, located at Surry Hills and Willoughby, and we have been quickly developing a reputation as the go-to experts when you need to restore a cherished set of cushions to their former glory. The key to our success is that we use Joyce Australian-made foams, and have every density and grade ready at our disposal so that our customers can get the exact kind of end result that they want.

Our ability to personalise our services to each client has set us apart from all others. What’s more, the fact that we have our own factory means that all of our work takes place in-house under our watchful eyes, which ensures that our rigorous standards for quality never slip.

Indoor and Outdoor Cushions That Stand the Test of Time

Those that have armchairs or sofas that have turned saggy over the years but are too attached to let go will delight at the fact that we can renew every single piece so that you do not have to face into walking the aisles looking for a replacement that simply will never live up to your favourite.

Here at The Foam Booth, we specialise in marine-grade outdoor foam, so if it’s a case of needing to freshen up your outdoor furniture, then there is no better place to come. Our indoor and outdoor foam solutions are all treated with COMPRISHIELD. This proven anti-microbial protector does wonders in terms of keeping mould, mildew, fungus, bacteria and dust mites at bay, and it also eliminates odours.

Customers that want custom chair cushions and have found the covers that they want but not the quality of material that will ensure a pleasant experience while sitting can, of course, bring in their measurements or covers to our stores. We can custom cut whichever foam you prefer to your exact specifications and make that dream cushion a reality for less.

Our Chair Cushions Is More for Less

That’s right, not only do we offer a superior level of quality and service, but by owning our own factory, we have been able to control our overheads and pass those savings along to our customers.

Rest assured that we would not still be in business if our past clients did not feel they received great value for money. All of our products are delivered to high standards and finishes and are durable and tear resistant.

So, regardless of the elements that they will face or the kind of use that you anticipate them being exposed to, trust in the team here at The Foam Booth to deliver custom chair cushions that are durable and will deliver comfort for longer.

The Foam Booth is Sydney’s preferred supplier of custom cut foam products. From custom made cushions, including cushions for benches, floor, chair, boat & bespoke cushions to personalised or replacement cushions. Learn more about our acoustic & memory foam options, as well as polystyrene foam.

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