Personalised Cushions

We all have our own ideas about what makes for a comfortable experience. Whether it’s in the office when entertaining clients, at home while relaxing, or enjoying the outdoor areas on your property, having the right kind of luxuries in place to fit the occasion is essential. Those who are tired of the same old offerings and whose favourites have lost their lustre can take heart in the fact that to access personalised cushions there is a manufacturer in Sydney that is ready, willing and able to customise the perfect solutions for you. Read More

Personalised Cushions from Sydney’s Experts

Here at The Foam Booth, we are the go-to specialists for all people that want to reclaim their cushions and make them the ultimate luxury in their home once again. The business has been running strong for 35 years now, and since 2008, we have made a concerted effort to push the bespoke element of what we can do. We have our very own factory, from which all of our high-quality cushions are worked on meticulously and this allows us to offer much more attractive value for money propositions to our clients.

All of the foam that we use is Australian-made and we are renowned for delivering comfortable, durable products and for having an extensive range of foams and fabrics. What’s more, there is no better team to look to when you need a job done within a tight schedule, since one of our greatest attributes is an ability to provide a quick turnaround without sacrificing quality.

Why Our Cushions Deliver More Than Any Others

Many people who begin their search for cushions in Sydney will inevitably look to the tried, tested and trusted department stores and online offerings. However, while there are good quality items out there, do you really want to settle for something that will wear down quickly and offer little in terms of a unique comfort experience?

If the answer is no, then taking the time to drop into one of our two locations in Sydney is definitely worth your while. All of our foams are treated with COMPRISHIELD, which is proven anti-microbial protection. In short, this protects your cushions from bacteria, mould, fungus and dust mites, and makes it the ideal choice for those who suffer allergies or have a loved one that regularly complains about their inability to truly relax on the cushions in your home or premises.

At The Foam Booth, we stock every grade and density of Joyce foams and our extensive range of marine-grade DRICELL foam is also available in a variety of densities and is ideal for those that plan to take their cushions outdoors since it prevents water absorption and mould.

Even if you are coming to us from a commercial or healthcare world, rest assured that we are more than equipped to deliver the best possible results. We have worked across many different industries, supplying bespoke products based on the specific needs and measurements of our clients.

High-End, Sustainable and Comfortable Personalised Cushions

Here at The Foam Booth, we are also committed to a sustainable future for our planet. Our GECA certification on most of our foam products is a testament to our efforts to continually make the best possible products that limit the impact on the planet accessible to our fellow Australians.

So, if you are in the market for the best, personalised cushions available in Sydney, or simply need your old cushions reupholstered or re-filled with high-quality foam, then there truly is no better place to come than right here at The Foam Booth.

The Foam Booth is Sydney’s preferred supplier of custom cut foam products. From custom made cushions, including cushions for benches, floor, chair, boat & bespoke cushions to personalised or replacement cushions. Learn more about our acoustic & memory foam options, as well as polystyrene foam.

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