Custom Indoor Seat Cushions

Great furniture should not only be durable and beautiful but comfortable. Sadly, it is usually the first thing that degrades through use and can be difficult to restore. Poorly made cushions sag and fray and lose their shape and aren’t always designed to be restored without a danger they’ll be irreversibly damaged.

We’re pleased to say we offer some great custom indoor seat cushions which can be made to fit any kind of bench or booth. Our products have been supplied to film sets and health centres and to interior designers and hotels and we’re pleased to say that for over thirty years our company has made Australia a more comfortable place!
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Quality Custom Indoor Seat Cushions Guaranteed

When you are shopping around for custom indoor seat cushions especially if you are just browsing through a store, it isn’t easy to get an idea of their durability or even if they will properly fit your couch. It’s not like you can carry your furniture around with you, and any store would be less than impressed if you were to start throwing their stock around to test durability.

That’s why we offer a completely open and transparent service regarding how we produce our materials and what they are. We want you to be sure of the ethically sourced quality and durability, and we offer this in a wide range of materials. Additionally, we offer an affordable custom service so all you need to do is provide us with the right measurements and you’ll have full confidence that the cushions are tailored to your exact requirements.

We Custom Make Indoor Seat Cushions

We have always got the answer when it comes to custom made upholstery. Our specialists can offer custom quotes tailor to your specifications, whether it’s for a custom window seat cushions or a throw cushion for that reading hole in your bedroom.

All our foam inner materials are treated to control dust mites and against bacteria so you can always be sure our products are made to be safe. But this doesn’t affect the price. Because we make our products in our own factory and don’t subcontract our work, we control the quality standards and make savings which we can then pass on to you.

It also means we can check out our sources and production methods for ecological impact, which is why we’re proud to have been given a GECA certification for our environmental efforts.

Order Your Custom Made Indoor Seat Cushions Today

Take a good look through our range and send us any queries you might have regarding our service. When you are ready to order, you can just add whichever item you want or send us a message with your details and customer requirements, and we’ll get back to you right away with a price. We’re always more than happy to talk to you over the phone as well so give us a call if you have any questions or requests.

We offer a range of high density foam in Canberra to suit your needs as well as other products such as new foam for a couch and booth seat cushions.

We can have your order ready for you to collect in one of our stores or we can calculate your shipping costs and process your payment. We’re sure you’ll return for any other items you might need, so subscribe to our mailing list so you can keep an eye on upcoming deals!

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