Evocative with opulence, PUSHKA is a soft, transitional upholstery plain that is versatile and will suit an array of interiors. Durable in nature and featuring rich colourways, PUSHKA is ideal for creating a lush and organic aesthetic for colourful urban commercial and relaxed modern residential spaces.

PUSHKA is a soft-touch plain weave that features a combination of chenille yarns for a plush finish—its piece dyed yarns creating a monotone effect for a subtle tonal marl look. PUSHKA is a great choice for contemporary and transitional spaces with an urban and relaxed mood due to its soft nature and durability.

With the added benefit of Halo easy-clean characteristics and FR testing, PUSHKA’s durable and soft textured finish is ideal for creating colourful and comfortable upholstery. Suitable for heavy commercial applications, PUSHKA sits effortlessly in modern residential and cosy urban commercial interiors, offering comfort and style.