Cushion Makers

One of the joys of living in Sydney is that there is plenty of Ocean right on our doorstep. Those who are lucky enough to own their own boat will appreciate the joy of escaping the city, even for a couple of hours, and finding a peaceful retreat on the waves. However, the elements will inevitably have an impact on the level of luxury on your boat, and over time, those cushions that were once so comfortable and inviting can lose their charm. Read More

Sydney’s Best Cushion Maker

At The Foam Booth, we are expert cushion makers that Sydney’s boat, residential and business communities can turn to as and when they need their favourite cushions, seats and backs re-upholstered or re-filled with the best of Australian-made memory foam. Since 2008, we have delivered a level of service and quality in Sydney that is second to none, and our reputation has grown and led to a wide-ranging customer base as a result.

The fact that we manufacture and complete all of our work in-house means that we can guarantee a high-quality finish and offer exceptional value for money, given our relatively low overhead costs. We are the one-stop-shop for anyone that requires custom cushions, or who wants to reclaim the comfort standards that they once had.

Cushions That Stand Up to the Elements

Here at The Foam Booth, we are a very adaptable team and can customise our services to cushions of any size. This personalised service is a key ingredient in our success story and singles us out as the cushion maker that Sydney residents can trust with your favourite, custom, or vintage cushions.

Those who are looking for better solutions that will last for their boats will be pleased to learn that we specialise in marine-grade outdoor foam and we also have a wide range of closed-cell foam available, too. Anyone that worries about the impact that the elements will have on their newly restored cushions will love the fact that all of our foams are treated with COMPRISHIELD.

This proven anti-microbial protection ensures that mould mildew, fungus, bacteria, dust mites and odours are kept under control, which makes our solutions ideal for those that have someone in their home, or that regularly visits, with allergies.

All we need is for you to bring in your measurements if you require a custom cutting, or to hand over your treasured cushions and let us know exactly what you need. We carry every grade and density of Joyce foams and we guarantee the quality of each product that we custom fit. What’s more, we also have waterproof covers to choose from, and once we are finished, you will receive brand new cushions that are highly durable, tear resistant and look fantastic.

GECA Certified Cushion Makers

Naturally, given the focus of attention on sustainable solutions in business, many of our clients ask how our products stack up. The good news is that most of our foam products are GECA certified, which those in the know will recognise as having met rigorous standards for quality, health, safety and promote a better future for both our planet and its inhabitants.

At The Foam Booth, we believe that when you need a great cushion maker in Sydney, we are the only choice for those that really want to tick as many boxes as possible and end up with a superior, comfortable solution that is priced incredibly attractively. So, get in touch today or drop into any of our stores. We look forward to working with and for you soon.

The Foam Booth is Sydney’s preferred supplier of custom cut foam products. From custom made cushions, including cushions for benches, floor, chair, boat & bespoke cushions to personalised or replacement cushions. Learn more about our acoustic & memory foam options, as well as polystyrene foam.

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