New Foam for Couch Cushions

Couches can get a lot of hard wear over the years and start to suffer as a result. People sit on them for long periods in varying positions and children bounce about on them. In short, they’re generally not taken care of very well and eventually they begin to show the effects.

The obvious answer at that stage is to buy a new couch but that can often also mean buying new chairs to match and the whole process then becomes much more complex and very expensive. Often, however, it’s only the cushions that are starting to sag and becoming uncomfortable due to the amount of wear, so why not get new foam for the couch cushions? The couch itself may be in perfectly good condition and so replacing it will be very wasteful and needlessly costly. Read More

A Cheaper and Practical Alternative Foam for Couch Cushions

We’ve all been in this situation where our favourite couch needs some attention but we’re reluctant to replace it and not always purely because of the expense. In many cases, we want to hang on to the couch because we like it, because it fits in perfectly with the room, matches our lifestyle and has plenty years of life left in it.

A cheaper and often better alternative to throwing out your favourite old couch, which is still likely to be perfectly serviceable, is to simply get new foam for couch cushions. This will restore sagging cushions, make them look as good as new and, best of all, ensure you can sit comfortably on your couch once again.

We offer a wide variety of foam grades that range from low density for scatter cushions to commercial, density that will withstand heavy and regular use without deterioration. As well as foam for interior use, we also supply exterior reticulated foam that allows water to flow through and so won’t attract mould or break down over time due to excess moisture.

If the cushions themselves are becoming worn, we can supply complete cushions rather than simply new foam for your couch cushions. These come in a variety of fabrics and finishes so you can be sure to find one that will blend in with or complement your existing couch and provide a stylish new look.

Where to Buy New Foam for Couch Cushions

Plenty of places will sell you replacement foam or complete cushions. However, the quality may not always be the best and the service is often less than hoped for. That’s because some companies concentrate solely on offering cheap prices and their products and service often suffer as a result.

We offer a range of high density foam for couch cushions to suit your needs as well as other products such as foam chips and cheap upholstery foam.

At The Foam Booth, we take great pride in providing top quality Australian Made products backed up by excellent customer service. We make it easy to find and order exactly what you want, we make everything to order and we despatch all orders as quickly as possible and at very competitive prices. So, in a very short time, you’ll have a couch that looks as good as new and provides more comfort than it did originally.

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