Sound Blocking Acoustic Insulation Foam

Acoustic insulation foam has become increasingly common across a range of industries, from recording studios and churches to open-plan offices and lecture halls. While acoustic foam as a whole is growing in popularity, most people still believe that it is only used for special soundproofing jobs through expensive endeavours. Read More

Are You Looking for Sound Blocking Acoustic Insulation Foam?

At The Foam Booth, we know that sound blocking foam is different to simple acoustic foam and we also understand that there is a variety of uses for both. That’s why we offer a cut-to-size, tailor-made service that meets every customer’s needs. We also have professionals on-hand that can help you to decide what type of foam to use, whether that’s acoustic foam or sound blocking foam, what shape to install – wedge, pyramid, grid, etc. and what size foam you need to ensure that it is effective.

What is Sound Blocking Foam and What is it Used For?

If you’ve ever been trying to work at your desk, and you can overhear your boss on the phone in the next room, or you’ve been trying to sleep, and you hear your significant other tinkling the coffee cups in the kitchen, then you’ll know that sound can be pretty adept at travelling through walls. Sound insulation foam or sound blocking foam is mainly used to stop the sound from travelling through walls.

Don’t get sound blocking foam confused with acoustic foam, however, as they differ significantly in how they work and what they are used for.

The difference between acoustic foam and sound blocking foam

  • Acoustic foam is generally softer and a little more lightweight than sound blocking foam. It has a flexible and open foam structure that actually absorbs soundwaves and stops noises from bouncing/reverberating off surfaces such as ceilings, walls and floors. Acoustic foam can also be used to enhance the sound within a room, which is particularly useful when implemented in a recording studio or lecture hall, etc. They are usually installed as acoustic foam tiles or panels within the wall.
  • Sound blocking foam is different from acoustic foam in that it doesn’t absorb sound, but rather prevents it from travelling through walls. It has a closer cell structure and is often thicker and denser than acoustic foam. Sound blocking foam is more commonly used within walls to prevent sound from travelling between rooms. This is particularly important in offices and other places where people are trying to concentrate and will be distracted by outside noises.

Where to Buy Sound Insulation Foam in Australia

At The Foam Booth, we supply top quality foam products across the country. We have 35 years in the industry, and our specialised team knows exactly how to find the best foam product for your needs, at the best value for money.

We only stock high-quality Australian-made foam products that are free from the harmful chemicals that some foams are treated with. All of our foams go through a comprehensive product safety check, where we ensure that they are safe for their intended use. Our expert team is always on-hand to help our clients find the foam products that meet their needs and provide the best value on money.

So, if you’re looking for sound blocking foam and other foam products, then come and find out why The Foam Booth is one of Australia’s most trusted and reliable foam manufacturers in Sydney.

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