Bench Cushions

One of the things that we are most famous for as a country is our gorgeous, sunny weather. There’s no better feeling than basking in the sunshine with your family and friends on a warm summer’s day. So, why wouldn’t you prepare for such an occasion? If you’re planning on having the relatives over, whatever the occasion, be sure that you’re setting the best impression by taking care of your garden. We have a variety of custom bench cushion designs and styles that will wow every member of your party and leave them wanting more. Read More

But, what if it rains, we hear you asking? Well, our products are designed and built to last through any weather condition. Thanks to our DRICELL foam, your new cushions will be water and mould resistant, meaning that the only thing you have to worry about in the event of those summer showers is planning another party activity!

Are You Looking for Outdoor Bench Cushions?

Whether entertaining guests at a party or lounging in the garden for a barbecue, we love a good bench to keep that communal feeling. They come in all different shapes and sizes though, and if they are in constant use, the cushions will need laundering or changing regularly. Not always easy if they’ve got a specific size and aesthetic to maintain.

It’s a problem that we’d like to address with our custom quality bench cushions. For over three decades we have catered our cushion and foam business to customers all over the region. We’re Australia owned and sourced and since 1984 we’ve been producing our products in our factory for interior designers, hoteliers and furniture makers.

But why should you buy Outdoor Bench Cushions from us?

Obviously, we could be here all day listing the reasons that we believe mean you should buy from us without hesitation, but we think it’s better if we can back it up with the support of our customers and external partners. We are very proud to say that most of our foams have been accredited by Good Environmental Choice Australia, a globally recognised brand known for their environmental friendliness. As a company and as a part of our world, we know that we have a responsibility, along with everyone else, in ensuring that we are creating sustainable products that do not harm the planet unnecessarily, and we work every day to evolve our service to ensure we are consistently doing so.

Durable Custom Bench Seat Cushions

We offer a number of different kinds of bench cushions which can be used for indoor or outdoor use. You might have a cosy cubby hole bench for watching the sun go down in your garden or you might be looking for booth seat cushions for a diner, restaurant or cafe. What is certain is that it is important that the cushions you look for fit properly and are made of good quality, especially for outdoors use or when in constant use.

That is exactly what we provide. We have an extensive range of foams and fabrics to choose from all of which we check to make sure they are of durable quality. We have bench cushions or foams, but we’d also love to hear from you if you want something custom made.

Specialist Booth Seat Cushion Suppliers

We have a great team of specialists always on hand to help you out and guide you to the right product, whether it is booth seat cushions you are after or if you need outdoor bench seat cushions to make your garden more inviting. We’re prepared to offer you a custom quote on whatever you need.

All our products are specially treated with Comprishield to control dust mites and protect against bacteria, and some are offered with a marine-grade treatment to keep them protected against bad weather. We haven’t let this affect our prices though. Because we have our own factory and don’t subcontract our work, we’ve been able to keep a good price on all our products.

And because we control our processes, we guarantee that our products are ecologically friendly too, which is why we’ve been awarded GECA certification.

Foam Booth Will Supply The Perfect Beanch Seat Cushions

Take a look now at our bench seat cushions range in our online shop, and we’re sure you’ll be ready to order once you see our massive selection. We’re always ready to take your call if you need any guidance and once you’re ready, simply add the item to your cart. You can then choose either to have the cushions delivered to you or you can come and pick them up from one of our branches.

If you want your order delivered, note that shipping costs can vary depending on the size of the item. Give us a call with your item order and we’ll give you a delivery code. Then you can just check out, pay for your order and we’ll have your cushions with you in no time at all

So, what are you waiting for? If you’re searching for a brand-new set of custom made cushions and are hoping for a fresh start in your garden’s style, then let us help you find it. If you know exactly what it is that you are looking for, even creating templates to make sure they’re absolutely perfect, then let us help you make them. Our exceptional value for both money and service has made us one of the top choices for bench cushions across Sydney. Read Less