For over 35 years, The Foam Booth has delivered made-to-measure Australian-made foam products to Sydney customers. We are located at Surry Hills and Willoughby in Sydney, NSW (click here for shop locations).

Our reputation for outstanding personalised service, quality product and value for money, is the backbone of our success.

Our Products

The Foam Booth is your comfort specialist.

We cut foam to size. Saggy Sofa? “No problem!” We can renew your lounge cushions. It saves you time and money when trying to find a replacement for your favourite piece of furniture.

We also offer a full range of Australian made foams to deliver the best outcomes for customers. Our foam range is perfect for mattresses (Ultra Premium Visco Memory Foam), overlays (convoluted foam and Visco memory foam), wedges (Chiropractic Visco Memory Foam), nursery products, travel products, and sofa beds. We also have our popular Bed in a Bag, which is a three-fold, light-weight, and high-density covered mattress.

We specialise in marine-grade outdoor foam. We can also customise covers and carry a wide range of indoor and outdoor fabrics.

We stock a wide range of closed-cell foam. It’s the perfect material for exercise and yoga mats, and interlocking floor mats. Our adhesive closed-cell foam tiles and polystyrene sheets range in thickness from 10mm to 100mm.

Our foams are all Australian made and treated with COMPRISHIELD , which is a proven anti-microbial protection. COMPRISHIELD controls dust mites (a major trigger to asthma), bacteria, mould mildew and fungus. This treatment also eliminates odours.

Most of our foams have been accredited by Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA). GECA is recognised globally for its environmental friendliness (eco-label).

We are only a foam call away.