Medical Foam Wedges

A bed wedge or a medical foam wedge is a specialised pillow made from relatively firm foam. Support medical foam wedges have a triangular shape and an incline on one side. The incline comes in different angles depending on the use of the pillow; it could simply be to help stay upright for acid reflux, to keep the legs up to reduce pressure on the lower back, or even just for draining the sinuses while lying down. Read More

Medical Foam Wedges Available from The Foam Booth

Medical foam wedges are multi-purpose, and the incline can be changed by simply swapping around the sides of the pill to determine the height. If the wedge is placed with the longest part against the wall and the short side on the bed, then the incline will be steeper, which results in a more upright lying position perfect for reading or relaxing. With the longer side of the wedge against the bed, the incline will be less and makes for a more comfortable semi-upright sleeping position.

Bespoke Medical Foam Wedges in Sydney

The great news for Australians is that no matter why you need to invest in support medical foam wedges, you can find locally made foam for great value right here at The Foam Booth. Since 2008, we’ve been changing the way that the public has access to foam products and we have an in-house manufacturing team that works tirelessly to develop and deliver bespoke foam products all over the country.

If you chat to any of our previous customers, you’ll soon find out that you can look forward to a personalised and high-quality service that won’t just meet, but also exceed your expectations. We offer bespoke foam products that are an incredible value for money and we’ve helped people all over Australia to make their lives easier with our tailor-made foam wedges for medical use.

What Are Support Medical Foam Wedges Used For?

There are a variety of uses for medical foam wedges, but the most common reasons that people invest in them include:

  • To alleviate acid reflux or GERD symptoms by elevating the head and shoulders while lying down
  • Elevated sleeping position to help drain sinuses
  • Simple, comfortable support when reading/eating in bed
  • To elevate the legs when sleeping to reduce pressure on the lower back. This is also very helpful during pregnancy
  • To assist in reducing the painful swelling of edema or DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis) through elevation of the legs

High-Value Customised Medical Foam Wedges

At The Foam Booth, we know that every individual is different, and as such, we want to be able to provide our customers with foam wedges that meet their specific requirements. Our high-quality foams are all treated with COMPRISHIELD, which eliminates odours and controls dust mite, fungus, bacteria and mould mildew. What’s more is that GECA certifies almost all of our foam products, which means that they are perfect for those looking for good quality foam products that are certified as sustainable.

Value for Money

When you invest in a medical foam wedge from The Foam Booth, you can rest assured that you are purchasing a durable product that has a great value for money proposition. We have low overheads, which means that we can competitively cost our high-quality items without having to compromise on quality.

So, if you’re looking for support medical foam wedges, get in touch with our friendly team, and we’ll be more than happy to help you find the perfect product for your needs.

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