Bespoke Cushions

There is a lot to be said for making a strong first impression. Those that take pride in the appearance of their home, or office managers that set out to deliver that wow factor that plants firm, positive memories in the minds of their visitors recognise the need to move beyond the generic and seek out something a little more custom designed. As such, when you need bespoke cushions finding a business that can deliver made-to-measure, high-quality end products is essential. Read More

Bespoke Cushions in Sydney

Since you’re reading this, the good news is that if you’re living in Sydney, then you’ve found that business. At The Foam Booth, we have been looking after the needs of those that want the best of foam products for over 35 years. However, in the past decade, we have really upped our game and have garnered a reputation as the go-to specialists for a personalised experience that always delivers the best results.

We believe that in order to meet and exceed the expectations of our tasteful clientele, it is essential that we can offer them the best of Australian-made products that are designed with contemporary living requirements in mind. To this end, you can expect to find every grade and density of Joyce foams in our factory, as well as a wide variety of marine-grade DRICELL foam, which is the ultimate choice for those that are planning to take their cushions outdoors.

Huge Bespoke Cushion Choice with Quality Guaranteed

Here at The Foam Booth, we have worked alongside those across a variety of industries and in doing so we have delivered a huge range of different products. In terms of the types of solutions that we provide, these include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Poolside cushions
  • Custom indoor and outdoor daybeds
  • Banquet seating
  • Bespoke chair cushions for indoor and outdoor areas
  • Custom seating areas
  • Massage tables
  • Insulation foams, styrene sheets and backing rods
  • Acoustic foams and tiles to help noise reduction

We are capable of delivering on any number of different types of foam solutions and our custom products are made-to-measure and will meet individual requirements. We are experts in creating custom cushions that are perfect for any setting, or that will stand up to the elements if required. Our marine upholstery service has delivered exceptional results with regards to re-upholstering of boat interiors.

Should you wish to revamp your current cushions or templates, then we will be more than happy to help you choose from a range of foam densities and waterproof covers. What’s guaranteed is that we will be able to provide you with a fast turnaround and deliver brand new cushions that are highly durable and tear resistant, as well as being aesthetically wonderful.

Bespoke Cushions Industry Experts

At The Foam Booth, we appreciate that when it comes to luxury the only way to truly guarantee an exceptional result is to offer a personalised service. Bespoke cushions are an area of expertise for our team of professionals and the fact that our customers return to us time and time again, and continue to refer us to their friends and peers says a lot about the quality of the work that you can expect from us.

So, regardless of whether it’s a strong first impression or cushions that eliminate the stress of a tough day at the office, get in touch with us here at The Foam Booth today and let’s equip you with the best cushions in Sydney.

The Foam Booth is Sydney’s preferred supplier of custom cut foam products. From custom made cushions, including cushions for benches, floor, chair, boat & bespoke cushions to personalised or replacement cushions. Learn more about our acoustic & memory foam options, as well as polystyrene foam.

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