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Acoustic foam is becoming a common inventory item on many people’s list in recent times, thanks to the rise of podcasts and videographers who are looking for a way of increasing the production value of their products and recording cleaner audio. But, whilst it is one of the more common uses, that’s not the only thing that acoustic foam can be used for. Here at The Foam Booth, we understand this, and therefore offer a cut-to-size, custom made service that is designed to suit every customer and every need. So, if you are based in Sydney and are looking for acoustic foam, look no further than The Foam Booth! Read More

What is Acoustic Foam and what is it used for?

Have you ever walking into a large room, with plenty of space between the walls and furniture, and clapped your hands? If you have, then you may be familiar with the echo that will find its way back to you as a result. This is due to the sound literally rebounding off of the walls of the space. Acoustic foam is used to absorb the sound waves created by noise in the space, therefore reducing the echo and creating ‘cleaner’ sound.

Interestingly, acoustic foam has started to become more and more common in new architecture designs, especially for educational or office spaces. This is due to the reverberations created in wide open spaces being too distracting, thereby decreasing the productivity of those working in the rooms as a result. So, if you’re a business owner and have not already installed acoustic foam in your offices, you may have found the reason for your team missing those numbers last week.

If you’re already familiar with acoustic foam, then you will probably imagine square panels of soft and lightweight foam that is strategically placed on the walls of a room. However, that is not the only form of acoustic foam that is available. Dense, heavier panels of the material are used to between the walls of two rooms to stop the sound travelling between them. This is known soundproofing a room, whilst the smaller, lighter panels essentially dampen the sound in the room.

Acoustic Foam

So, you’ve decided that you want to give acoustic foam a go and find out whether it really does increase productivity in your workplace. That’s great! All you have to do now is visit the Online Shop on our website, select the type of foam that you would like to purchase and how much you need, and voila! You are now one step closer to better monthly results in your business.

We offer two options for our customers once they have purchased. You can either pick up your products from one of our various stores, or we offer the option of delivering. Due to the varying sizes of the products our customers order, our delivery costs and times will vary from purchase to purchase. If you would like more information and a possible quote on our delivery option, please give us a call on 02 9319 0594.

So, what are you waiting for? Come and find out why we are one of the most trusted and reliable foam manufacturers in Sydney today!

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