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Acoustic foam is becoming a common inventory item on many people’s list in recent times, thanks to the rise of podcasts and videographers who are looking for a way of increasing the production value of their products and recording cleaner audio. But, whilst it is one of the more common uses, that’s not the only thing that acoustic foam can be used for. Here at The Foam Booth, we understand this, and therefore offer a cut-to-size, custom made service that is designed to suit every customer and every need. So, if you are are looking for acoustic foam in Sydney, look no further than The Foam Booth! Read More

What is Acoustic Foam and what is it used for?

Have you ever walking into a large room, with plenty of space between the walls and furniture, and clapped your hands? If you have, then you may be familiar with the echo that will find its way back to you as a result. This is due to the sound literally rebounding off of the walls of the space. Acoustic foam is used to absorb the sound waves created by noise in the space, therefore reducing the echo and creating ‘cleaner’ sound.

Interestingly, acoustic foam has started to become more and more common in new architecture designs, especially for educational or office spaces. This is due to the reverberations created in wide open spaces being too distracting, thereby decreasing the productivity of those working in the rooms as a result. So, if you’re a business owner and have not already installed acoustic foam in your offices, you may have found the reason for your team missing those numbers last week.

If you’re already familiar with acoustic foam, then you will probably imagine square panels of soft and lightweight foam that is strategically placed on the walls of a room. However, that is not the only form of acoustic foam that is available. Dense, heavier panels of the material are used to between the walls of two rooms to stop the sound travelling between them. This is known soundproofing a room, whilst the smaller, lighter panels essentially dampen the sound in the room.

Where to Buy Acoustic Foam Panels in Sydney

You can buy top quality acoustic foam panels from Foam Booth, Australia’s specialists in foam products. With over 35 years in the industry, we know everything about how to make sure you get the best product to meet your needs and provide you with the best value.

If you arrived on this page from a web search, you probably already have a good idea of what you’re looking for and why. The first paragraph in this section will have given you all the information you needed to get yourself an excellent deal on top-quality acoustic foam panels.

What is soundproof foam?

As you can probably tell from the name, acoustic foam are foam tiles that does an especially good job of sound absorption. There are two very important points to be aware of:

  • This task is not the only one the product is suited for; and
  • Acoustic foam is the best product to use for this task.

The most common materials used in manufacturing acoustic foam are polyurethane and melamine. When you have a choice, it’s better to opt for polyurethane foam because it does the best job, costs less, and is non-toxic in solid form unless it is burned. Melamine is very toxic, as you may remember from the 2008 melamine milk scandal in China, responsible for harming approximately 290,000 babies, 54,000 of which needed emergency hospital care.

The foam works firstly due to the nature of the material, which is highly absorbent and is constructed of many tiny, closely packed cells which help to trap acoustic vibration.

A secondary aid to this function is the special shape the foam is moulded into. This resembles an array of steep mountains and valleys, and this shape also helps to break apart the vibrations and prevent them from penetrating through the foam.

Prior to the invention of acoustic foam, cardboard egg cartons were used for the same purpose. These have a similar shape to the acoustic foam, but they don’t do the job to the same level of perfection because they don’t possess a similar cellular structure.

Other uses for acoustic foam

People are often surprised to learn that acoustic foam isn’t only suitable for soundproofing. The special shape of it and good shock absorption properties due to inherent elasticity also make it an ideal product for packaging electronics and other delicate items. The way the foam is shaped makes it able to spread the effects of compressive force and vibration in a way that provides superior protection for delicate items even more effectively than flat foam packaging material.

Acoustic foam is often used for shipping computers and computer components. It may also be found as the packaging material for televisions, lamps, vases, figurines, and similar items where even small amounts of vibration could result in damage to the packaged items.

It is also used as a lining material for camera cases and some camera bags, while other types of solid foam are used to create dividers to separate the individual camera components from one another.

Foam Booth is always your best choice for foam products

The most important thing to know about The Foam Booth is that we only stock quality Australian made foam products that are not treated with harmful chemicals like some imported foams are. We make sure that all products are safe and are suited for the purpose they can be expected to be used for. We also help our customers make the best choice to meet their needs, and we provide excellent value on everything we sell.

Bespoke Soundproof Foam in Sydney

Soundproofing has never been more popular. The world has changed immeasurably since the advent of the Internet and there are now many more reasons that people want to change how the acoustics in their homes are. Once, soundproof foam in Sydney was reserved for music recordings and professional productions, whereas now, people with successful YouTube channels and social media platforms seek to boost the quality of their content through great sound.

The good news for those living in Australia, regardless of what your reasons for soundproofing are is that you can tap into Australian-made foam at better prices by choosing the team here at The Foam Booth. Since 2008 we have changed the way foam products have been accessible to the general public and our in-house manufacturing and dedication to delivering bespoke products for our customers has set us apart from all others.

Speak to any of our past clients and you will quickly learn that with us you will be afforded a personalised service that delivers high-quality products and offers incredible value for money. We have helped those seeking to improve their homes, boost the comfort levels of their outdoor and indoor areas, worked with hotels, interior designers and have event assisted on a number of Hollywood productions to deliver an aesthetic that is completely original.

How To Access Customised Soundproofing Solutions

Soundproofing is a unique thing to decide upon for your home, office space or place of business. Some require it in order to improve the quality of the acoustics in the room, while others seek it out as a means to shut out the world beyond their four walls so that a more optimum standard of sound can be achieved for whatever their needs are.

At The Foam Booth, we are the ideal choice for those that require soundproof foam in Sydney. We understand that no two spaces are completely identical and no two customers want the exact same results. As such, our custom cutting services are the perfect solution that ensures that each and every client we deal with gets exactly what they need.

All you really have to do is bring your measurements into one of our stores and one of our experienced professionals will work with you to determine the right foam for your purposes and will then measure and cut it perfectly to the size that you require.

We believe in supplying quality products and as such all of our foams are treated with COMPRISHIELD, which not only eliminates odours but is proven to control dust mites, bacteria, fungus and mould mildew. Furthermore, GECA has certified almost all of our foam products, which makes them the perfect fit for those that are seeking out quality, sustainable products.

A Value for Money Proposition Unlike Any Other

At The Foam Booth, you can depend on our products to offer durability and value for money proposition that will prove incredibly competitive against all other suppliers. Our low overhead costs make it possible for us to create and supply soundproof foam in Sydney for less, without having to sacrifice quality.

The Benefits of Using Acoustic Foam Panels

Nobody wants to deal with excessive noise, whether that’s in their place of work, at home or out and about. The use of acoustic foam panels has become increasingly popular over the last decade and while offices have played a huge part in those numbers, restaurants, shops, libraries, homes and auditoriums have also upped their acoustic foam game.

Acoustic foam panels are made from a material that can absorb sound waves, and this acts as a means of control when it comes to reverberation in enclosed spaces. Imagine being in an office where your colleagues’ mouse clicks reverberate back at you off the wall? Or where you can hear your boss on the phone all day? We certainly don’t enjoy listening to our teenagers’ music blaring from their rooms, so we don’t think that’s something you’ll want either.

Installing panels of acoustic foam into your house, office or other area is a sure way to dissipate and kill off that excess noise. Whether you decide to install acoustic foam between two walls to stop noise travelling between them, or you simply use foam panels on the walls of an enclosed room, you’re going to notice a big difference. Here are just some advantages of installing acoustic foam panels:

It improves the quality of acoustics

Whether you’re using foam panels at home for a recording studio, in the office boardroom or in a lecture hall it will undoubtedly improve the quality of acoustics overall. The panels absorb unwanted noise, which makes the main sounds much clearer. This means that it’s easier to hear people speaking and not the noise of fighting, clanking or chewing. This is particularly useful in performance venues or in restaurants where you don’t want to have to strain to hear someone over the surrounding racket.

It can reduce stress

Believe it or not, installing acoustic foam panels can bring down the levels of stress in a room too. Background noise and straining to hear can cause people to become irritated and frustrated, so enabling them to clearly hear what’s going on will help people to relax.

It helps people be more productive

People are more productive in general when they have a quieter space to work, that is free from distractions. So foam panels are particularly useful in offices, libraries, and even in your child’s room so that they can concentrate on their homework. It also helps if you are dealing with confidential information, as it stops the sound from travelling to other rooms and perhaps being leaked.

These are just some of the many benefits that result from installing panels which absorb sound into your building. Get in touch with The Foam Booth for high-quality, reasonable foam for sale in Sydney.

Different Types of Soundproof Foam

When it comes to sound foam, there is a wide range of shapes and sizes to choose from. Each different kind of foam has its strengths and weaknesses, and as such, one type of soundproof foam may be more suited to your needs than another is.

Before you choose foam for your building, ensure that you know as much as you can about the different types in order to find the one that is going to work the best for you.

These are the types of soundproof foam that are currently available on the market:

Smooth sound foam

The smooth type of foam is not used as extensively as other types. This is simply because the waves of sound that travel into them are more easily absorbed by foam that has raised elements to it. A flat foam can actually reflect sound rather than absorb it, which isn’t what you’re trying to achieve. However, flat foam panels are excellent as a foundation layer below other types of foam used for soundproofing.

Wedge sound foam

Wedge sound foam is made up of wedges that travel in one direction. They are popular not just for their funky looks, but for their efficiency at absorbing sound too. Wedge shapes incorporated into foam panels make it particularly adept at its job of cancelling out unwanted sound. However, because of the shape if the foam it only absorbs sound in one direction, and this limits its usefulness in larger places with more than one source of noise. It’s the perfect option for smaller spaces like home recording studios, where the main source of noise will be coming from one spot.

Egg crate sound foam

An egg crate foam panel looks exactly like you would imagine it does. The foam has small cones that are rounded at the end instead of pointed like a wedge of a pyramid. It’s also one of the most cost-effective soundproof foam solutions. It’s perfect for everything from those DIY projects to a professional office fit out and everything else in between.

Pyramid sound foam

The pyramid style of foam is similar to the wedge foam but it has been cut into smaller pyramid-like triangle shapes, rather than one long line. The unique shape of this foam gives it a greater surface area and makes it more useful for some purposes than others. Pyramid foam provides extra diffusion but a little less absorption than the other types of foam. It doesn’t quite “deaden” a room. This is a favourite sound foam for those using it in recording studios.

Grid sound foam

The grid style of foam is more understated in terms of style, but that doesn’t mean that it underperforms. Grid foam uses small square blocks and lines to redirect and absorb sound waves, vibrations and other noises. Its simple, yet attractive appearance makes it a popular choice for recording studios. Architects are particularly fond of using it in homes and on ceilings.

Reduce Unwanted Noise with Dunlop Acoustic Foam

We live in an increasingly noisy world, especially in urban areas. Traffic noise from nearby roads, loud music from inconsiderate neighbours and our own electric devices disturb the calm.

Unwanted and unsuppressed noise can spoil a home’s tranquil atmosphere and can disturb concentration in business environments. It’s even more important to shut out noise if you have a home theatre or a recording studio and our Joyce acoustic foam is the most effective way to do this.

Dunlop Acoustic Foam Is THe Leading Soundproofing Material In Australia

Most modern buildings will have some form of thermal insulation within the exterior walls to moderate the temperature of the rooms. Combined with double glazing and plasterboard, this helps to deaden noise from outside. However, it’s not intended to provide acoustic insulation and so will only do so much and there’s little protection against noise created internally.

For really effective sound insulation, you need to fit dunlop acoustic foam. This is made from specially formulated polyurethane substances that will absorb sound rather than having it rebound from hard surfaces and echo around the room. It also incorporates grooves and wedges that will help to dissipate sound.

Acoustic foam is light but hard-wearing, easy to cut to size and very simple to fix to any surface where it will look good and stay effective for many years. For very little outlay and effort, you’ll get a room that’s free from irritating noises. So, whether you want to record perfect sounds, work without interruption, or simply relax in peace, acoustic foam is the answer.

If you aren’t sure what type of soundproof foam you need for your specific requirements, then get in touch with the foam experts at the Foam Booth, and we’ll point you in the right direction.

So, if you hope to boost the quality of sound in your home, or want to eliminate noise that impinges on your ability to make the best use of your workspaces, get in touch with our team and we will make that dream a reality.

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