Custom Bench Cushions

The wonderful climate we have here in Australia means hot and sunny summer days followed by pleasant nights. Even when summer is over, the weather is often perfect for outdoor living and entertaining.

To make the most of this weather, you need to have the right outdoor facilities. These can include an outdoor patio area with barbecue and swimming pool or simply a small courtyard or balcony. Whatever area you have, you need comfortable custom bench cushions so you and your family and friends can truly relax. Read More

Ordering the Most Suitable and Best Bench Cushions in Australia

Although bench seating often features in outdoor areas, it can also be installed inside and the location may influence your choice. That can mean buying reticulated foam that has open cells to let water run through so it’s suitable for outdoor seating. This contrasts with regular polyurethane foam that soaks up liquid and, if this occurs regularly, can cause the foam to eventually break down.

Aside from choosing what’s suitable for indoor or outdoor bench seating, you also need to consider how it’s used because that will determine the thickness and density of the foam. Most bench cushions are between 5 cm and 10 cm thick and we generally recommend commercial grade because that will withstand regular use and continue to give comfortable seating that will retain its shape for a long time. Lower density foam is cheaper but much less durable and is really only suitable for bolster cushions or similar that are for back support or for scatter cushions that are used only for effect.

In addition to the best foam for the most comfortable bench seating, we also have a range of fabric covers that will ensure the cushions look great as well as being practical in use. We have fabrics for indoor and outdoor use and have a great range to match your décor. So, whether you want complete new cushions or simply replacement foam for existing ones, we have what you need.

The major benefit of ordering our custom size bench cushions is that the foam is cut precisely to match your bench seating and so will fit perfectly with no gaps. All you have to do is measure the required length and width carefully and, together with the selected depth, we’ll supply foam that matches your needs exactly. That applies whether you’re ordering seat or backrest cushions although, in the case of the latter, you should make the necessary adjustment in the width of the seat cushion by subtracting the depth of the backrest cushion.

Obtaining your New Bench Cushions

If you’ve ever wondered ‘where can I get custom made bench cushions near me?’, the answer is simple. You don’t have to go searching for a local supplier because you can buy the best and most varied selection of custom bench cushions here at The Foam Booth. You can either buy online or, if you wish to see what we have to offer, visit our shops in Sydney at Surry Hills or Willoughby.

We offer a range of foam rubber products to suit your bench cushions and your custom indoor seat cushion.

The selection and ordering process is as simple as we can make it. Choose the shape, size, and quality of foam you want and enter your measurements. If you’re ordering new cushions rather than just replacement foam, choose the required fabric then place your order. You’ll quickly receive the cushions you want and will then have the best looking and most comfortable bench seating so you can relax and enjoy the weather.

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