Memory Foam

There is nothing quite like feeling comfortable in your own home. The investment made in a home will undoubtedly be the largest in the lives of the vast majority of people, however, even if you are still in love with your décor and the furniture that you first kitted your rooms out with, there is no denying the fact that over time it loses a little of its bounce and luxury. Don’t worry, though, because those living in Sydney can get memory foam cut to size by the specialists here at The Foam Booth. Read More

Where You Can Get Memory Foam Cut to Size

We are the one-stop-shop for cushions and covers and you can trust that all of the foam that we stock and supply is Australian-made. Our reputation precedes us, with many of our customers returning time and time again as a result of our exceptional service and the wonderful value for money that they receive no matter what project they require our help with.

We are open to all comers and so no matter if you just need to sort out the cushions in your living room, or if you are a hotelier that requires a much larger undertaking completed, or if you are a designer that needs a dependable ally to help you complete your work, rest assured that you will find everything you need in our stores.

What You Can Expect from Our Memory Foam

One of the main reasons that our customers talk about us and recommend us to their friends and colleagues so often is down to the fact that we offer seriously attractive value for money propositions. Naturally, anyone would be forgiven for thinking that in order to get memory foam cut to size it might set you back a few dollars, but where we differentiate ourselves from our competitors is in the fact that we have our own factory.

Those that choose The Foam Booth for their memory foam requires can take comfort in the knowledge that we provide and manufacture the complete product in-house. We don’t believe in sub-contracting and so this ensures that our customers get personalised service and a high-quality product that meets our rigorous standards.

The fact that we have our own manufacturing facilities also means that we are better able to keep our costs down and provide a quick turnaround. This control factor has made us the go-to choice for everyone from commercial clients to shop fitters, designers, healthcare professionals and even those in the film and television industry.

Not only do we made and supply high-end products for less, but the majority of our foams are GECA certified, which means that they meet the standards set out for a sustainable, safer, healthier and better environment.

Custom Cutting Memory Foam That Exceeds Expectations

Custom cutting is available, so don’t hesitate and even think for a moment that all we have is one-size fits all solutions. Bring your measurements and we can cut to size for you. Outdoor foam products, commercial solutions and custom products are all part of what we do better than anyone else, and those that retain our services always receive exceptional products that meet and exceed expectations.

So, if you want to access Australian-made memory foam and need it cut to size at better prices, the team here at The Foam Booth are ready and waiting to work with you.

The Foam Booth is Sydney’s preferred supplier of custom cut foam products. From custom made cushions using polystyrene foam including cushions for benches, floor, chair, boat & bespoke cushions to personalised or replacement cushions. Learn more about our acoustic & memory foam options.

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