High Density Foam For Couch Cushions

Cushions that come as standard with any piece of furniture may start with plenty of bounce and spring, but over time and with a lot of use they do end up sagging and lacking in comfort. Often this is down to cheap materials made to last only for a short while and foam which only has a few layers.

We’ve been selling cushion accessories and high density foam for couch cushions for over four decades. Since 1984, our factory has produced quality upholstery products for a great community of customers across Australia, including furniture makers, venue designers and hoteliers. We’re sure that whatever your upholstery needs, we’ve got the right stuffing for you! Read More

The Right Kind of High Density Couch Cushion

A higher grade of density in foam filling is a sure way of making a cushion more durable and comfortable. The materials used to make a higher density are designed to be lightweight and springy, but also layered in such a way to return to shape properly, reducing impact stress and keeping it comfortable for longer.

Whatever style of couch you have you are sure to find the right kind of high density foam for couch cushions here at The Foam Booth. You can order directly from our online shop from our extensive range or get in contact with your measurements and we’ll cut what you need to size. In either case, you’re sure to have a foam filling that is not only comfortable but durable, too.

high density foam for sofa cushions near me

Our specialists are always looking to help anyone asking: “Where can I find high density foam for sofa cushions near me“? Armed with expert knowledge and understanding of specific needs, we are ready to offer you custom quotes on any product you might need. You’ll be pleased to find our prices entirely reasonable, whether you are buying straight from our online shop or having something custom made.

But don’t let our prices fool you. Because we produce and distribute our own items, it means we have no subcontractors, so we can reflect our savings on to you. This is also reflected in the quality standards we hold ourselves to. We’ve treated all our foam with Comprisheild which ensures dust mites are controlled and the materials are protected against bacteria. Also, we’ve been able to control how our products are processed and sourced, and we are proud to say it has earned us a GECA environmental certification.

Check Our High Density Couch Foam Online Today!

Check out our online store now and browse our high density foam for sofa cushions today. If you aren’t sure what you’re looking for either give us a call or send us a message and we’ll see what we can do to help. Once you’ve decided on what you want simply add the item to your cart and proceed to the checkout.

We offer a range of bulk foam sheets to suit your needs as well as other products such as cushion foam and dunlop acoustic foam.

Many of our items are unsuitable for your local postman, but we have partnered with many courier services if you do require delivery. Because of the various sizes and weights, the shipping details need the personal touch so give us a call and we’ll issue you with a shipping code. Then checkout and we’ll get your foam right out to you!

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