EVA Foam Mats

For the workplace, at home, and in recreation areas, there are plenty of reasons why you might want to add some EVA foam mats. When you do, be sure to buy them from The Foam Booth for top value and the certainty that you’re getting a safe product. Read More

Clever interlocking design makes installation a snap

Literally, you can just snap the large EVA foam tiles together like pieces of a giant jigsaw puzzle. Plus, because EVA foam is so easy to work with, you can easily cut individual tiles to fit unusually shaped areas. It’s really fast and really simple. Removing the tiles should be just as easy.

If you don’t want the tiles to be removed once they’re in place, you can simply glue them down with a suitable adhesive as you work. The adhesive you use should specifically state that it’s able to be used with foam rubber. Of course, it should also be safe and suitable for the floor surface as well. Do keep in mind that if you choose to glue down the tiles, you probably won’t be able to remove them without wrecking them.

As you are installing the tiles, you will notice each one interlocks perfectly with its neighbour, saving you a lot of time and effort. Once the tiles are installed, the interlocked joins will not separate unless you make a conscious effort to do so.

Make safer flooring for children and the elderly

Anyone who is predisposed to falling will be provided with enhanced safety by the installation of foam mats across the floor space. This is not just because the surface provides excellent shock absorption, but also because the improved traction offered by the tiles themselves helps prevent slipping in the first place.

For the elderly and people with mobility impairments, it’s best to fit the tiles throughout the entire house. Use solid tiles for most rooms and corridors, and special draining tiles for the kitchen and bathroom.

For small children, you may prefer to put the tiles only in their playroom, or even just a portion of the playroom.

Easy non-slip flooring for a work site

In many industrial workplaces, it’s important to maintain a non-slip surface in areas where falls are a higher probability than usual.

These tiles are easy to install and remove, and they have excellent durability, making them well suited to use in industrial environments. In areas where workers are handling liquids, it’s best to use the specially designed drainage tiles.

If chemicals such as cyclohexane and other liquids derived from petrochemicals are being handled by workers, the tiles will need a protective spray coating to prevent dissolution by the spilt chemicals.

Inexpensive and effective anti-fatigue mats

When your work requires you to be standing or walking for long periods of time, it creates stress for your feet and legs. Anti-fatigue mats help delay the onset of fatigue, as well as providing a measure of relief from the pain of fatigue that has already set in.

Buying anti-fatigue mats from an ergonomics specialist will cost a fortune. Buying them from The Foam Booth will cost much less, and they will perform exactly the same job.

You will love these EVA foam mats

When you think of foam, the only name you need to remember is The Foam Booth. We always have the best value and the best products. We take safety seriously, too, which is why we stock only quality Australian made foam that has not been adulterated with harmful chemicals. Call or email us any time for the best advice and service.

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