High Density Foam Canberra

Comfort is the fundamental aspect of furniture of all kinds. Mattresses or couches can come in all kinds of distracting styles or colours but if they make you comfortable, a lot can be forgiven. Unfortunately, comfort is often the first thing to degrade through use, but with the right materials, you can have cushions that retain their bounce for many years.

We take pride in our materials and produce some of the best quality high density foam in Canberra. For over three decades we’ve been selling our materials to home improvement enthusiasts and since 2008 our factory has created products which have been used in hotels, healthcare centres and film sets. Read More

The Place to Find High Density Foam in Canberra for Your Custom Cushions

The problem with low-density foam is that it has less ability to spring back to shape. This means that repeated use or handling can have it transform entirely over time and also means the microfibres rub and fray. Very soon, it becomes less usable and flattens out, reducing any cushioning quality it may have had.

That’s why we’re keen to offer high density foam to Canberra interior designers, whether it’s for a home project or a professional renovation. We have an extensive range of foams available in our online shop, all highly durable and available now. You’ll also be pleased to find that we produce and cut foam to your exact specifications – very useful if you have something special in mind.

Best Quality Foam Produced Here in Australia

Our specialists are always ready to provide custom quotes for anyone who needs foam cut to size in Canberra. Simply give us a few details about what you need, and we’ll happily take you through some of our products and materials to see which would suit you best.

We’re keen to provide you with the best quality foam, all of which we produce ourselves and treat to control dust mites and protect against bacteria. Because we produce it ourselves it means we can be sure of our ecological impact, and we’re pleased to say we’ve been awarded GECA certification for our environmental standards.

However, this also means that we aren’t subcontracting, so when you do get a quote from us, we do not need to include any subcontracting costs, which means you’ll be getting our products at a highly competitive price.

Contact Us Now and We’ll Deliver Foam to you in Canberra, ACT

When you are sure of the materials you want, pick up the phone and give us a call or send us a direct message via our website listing your requirements, measurements and any other details that might be important. We’ll offer you a quote and an idea of how much shipping will cost if you need it.

When your order is ready you can either come and pick it up in-store or we can calculate the shipping cost with our partnered couriers and add it to the bill. Due to the variable nature of our products, shipping costs can vary substantially, but give us a call today and we’ll get a shipping code over to you.

We offer a range of high density foam for couch cushions to suit your needs as well as other products such as custom indoor seat cushions and booth seat cushions.

We’re always ready to advise you of any upcoming deals or sales, and also any potential extras you might take a shine to, so why not sign up to our mailing list whilst you wait for your order.

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