Bulk Foam Sheets

There are those of us in the upholstery and furniture business who love nothing more than creating comfortable and affordable pieces for clients. However, one of the biggest costs in the creation of such pieces is the materials involved. There is a balance between economy, ecology and quality which isn’t always easy to strike.

Our wholesale and bulk foam sheets are produced and distributed solely by us. For over thirty years we have been in the business of selling materials to all kinds of industries and we’re proud of the fact that it’s all been produced by our factory since 2008. You’ll find our products with interior designers, hotels and health centres plus many other esteemed areas of business.

Bulk Foam Sheets Cut To Your Requirement

Setting up a business or a venture which requires upholstery needs a lot of financial planning. You want to be sure of the right aesthetic, so spending time trying to make sure it is going to remain comfortable might not be your idea of fun. You might also need to consider the different areas which will need appropriate padding or even soundproofing.

It is with these considerations in mind that we offer bulk foam sheets so that as you are setting up, you will have an appropriate level of comfort on hand for when you’ve decided on the aesthetic. All of our foam sheets are made in our factory to the highest standards of durability and can be cut to your specific requirements.

We Guarantee the Quality of our Bulk Foam Sheets

We are on standby to offer you specialist advice when it comes to bulk foam board sheets. Get in touch today and our team will put together a custom quote for you, regardless of the quantity or size of sheet you need.

Every foam board is treated to control dust mites and bacteria, and all are produced in house by us, so when we say we know the quality of our product it’s because we made it! This also means that we have controlled how it is produced and the ecological impact of the process. As a result, we’ve been awarded a GECA environmental certification!

The upshot is that we have greater control over our costs and therefore our prices, so we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you get a quote from us!

Give us a Call Today For Your Next Bulk Foam Sheets!

We’re always pleased to take new wholesale clients so if you are asking, “Who supplies wholesale foam sheets near me”?, we want to be the first name on your lips. Give us a call today about setting up an account and a few details about your business needs or requirements and we’ll start looking at how we can best help you out. We’ll be able to offer competitive rates on your bulk orders and repeat orders.

We offer a range of high density foam in Canberra to suit your needs as well as other products such as new foam for a couch and bench cushions.

Orders can be picked up from our shops or can be delivered to you. Make sure to mention it when you are making your order and we’ll add the shipping costs to your bill. Shipping costs can vary, but we’ve partnered with couriers to offer competitive rates. We look forward to your order!