Replacement Cushions

Change is a necessary part of life and this extends to our homes, business premises and anywhere that we spend large chunks of time. Left long enough, even the most prized and adored furniture and accessories will start to look a little outdated. What’s more, time will inevitably wear down even the most high-end of products. However, when you recognise the need to change the look of your living or workspaces, custom replacement cushions are an option for those living in Sydney. Read More

Custom Replacement Cushions in Sydney

At The Foam Booth, we have earned a reputation as the foam specialists that can bring new life to old cushions, pillows and fabrics, and we can custom make the perfect cushions in Sydney for your comfort and enjoyment. Over 35 years, the business has consistently delivered a level of quality that is second to none and in that time we have worked across many industries and with both homeowners and professionals from all walks of life.

Where we differ from our competitors is in the ability to complete all of our work in-house. We manufacture and keep a tight eye on the quality standards to ensure that each of our clients gets the same level of excellence that we have come to be known for.

What’s more, this level of independence makes it possible for us to keep our costs down and our prices low. Best of all, when you need solutions in a hurry, we are the best choice in Sydney to deliver results that exceed expectations within a short period of time.

Naturally, for those that are less experienced with regards to design or who are approaching major changes to their living spaces for the first time, this can be an overwhelming experience. There is a huge range of choice on the market today and so it makes sense to seek assistance from a team of specialists that know the industry inside out and can cater their skills to their specific needs.

Here at The Foam Booth, even if you know that you want custom replacement cushions but are unsure about the design, or could use a little inspiration for your new look, we invite you to check out our project gallery right here on the site. In it, you will get a sense of what we are capable of delivering and just might spot something that you think would be perfect, or could be adapted for your needs.

We use high-quality Australian-made foam in all of our products, all of which are treated with COMPRISHIELD, proven anti-microbial protection that will ensure your new cushions are appropriately protected against mould, mildew, fungus dust mites and bacteria.

In terms of sustainability, something that is close to all of our hearts, the majority of our foams have been accredited by GECA (Good Environmental Choice Australia), which means that they deliver safer, healthier and better results for the environment.

Replace Cushion Foam rather than your Furniture

Cheap furniture often comes with low density foam cushions. While these might look great, they’re generally not comfortable for sitting and won’t last long with regular use.

Even high-quality cushions may begin to sag after years of heavy wear and start to lose their comfort and shape. That’s when, rather than replacing furniture, you should consider replacement Australian made cushion foam that will restore the appearance and comfort of your seating at relatively little expense.

Varying Shapes, Sizes and Densities of Cushion Foam

The Foam Booth can provide cushion foam for indoor and outdoor use and for different types of cushions. These include scatter cushions that are mainly for effect, sun bed mattresses where comfort is essential, bolster cushions for extra support and bench seat cushions that vary in length.

We also offer different densities of foam:

  • commercial density that will withstand heavy and regular use while continuing to give excellent support and comfort
  • medium density that is less resilient and suitable for back support
  • low density that will not withstand regular use but looks good for scatter cushions.
  • is treated with antibacterial Comprishield

We recommend commercial grade for regular use since it provides the best support and has a guaranteed long life. Replacing your foam is easy:

  1. Choose the shape you want from those available or specify a bespoke design.
  2. Select the density of foam, which will depend on how you intend to use it.
  3. Measure your cushions and specify the size.
  4. Place your order.

Once your foam arrives, replace existing cushion fillings and you’ll have furniture that looks great and feels comfortable for a fraction of the cost of new.

High Standards You Can Depend On

At The Foam Booth, we appreciate that being able to access the kind of products that will complement and complete your home or workspaces is crucial to achieving the level of comfort and satisfaction that you want. Our custom replacement cushions are a perfect choice and can be tailor-made to suit your specifications, so with our help, you can achieve the kind of look and feel that you have in mind.

Rest assured, our standards are high and the quality of the work we do is second to none. So, if you are in the market for great, comfortable cushions in Sydney that will last, just remember that our team is just a foam call away.

The Foam Booth is Sydney’s preferred supplier of custom cut foam products. From custom made cushions, including cushions for benches, floors and chairs.

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