Custom Outdoor Furniture Pillows & Cushions

We are lucky in Australia to have a climate that affords us so many opportunities to spend time outdoors compared to many of our international friends. However, this also means that we have an additional area of the home to think about in terms of design and comfort when we want to step outside. The sun and the elements in general play a big part in the shelf-life of our outdoor furniture pillows and cushions, but there are customisable solutions available that deliver better results and which are available at prices that will surprise. Read More

Outdoor Furniture Pillows Available in Sydney

Here at The Foam Booth, we are Sydney’s specialists for all things foam. Whether you are undertaking a home improvement project, or if you are sprucing up your company’s outdoor areas, or if you are a designer tasked with creating something truly unique and extremely comfortable, rest assured that we are the people that you need to check in with.

We use Joyce Australian-made foam and have an extensive selection ready to cut and customise to your needs. From our factory, we complete all of our work in-house, everything from upholstery to cushion inserts and the creation of new comfortable solutions for clients across a range of industries. We are known for our ability to personalise our service to each client, and for quick turnarounds that do not impact on quality.

Why Choose Our Outdoor Furniture Pillows?

When it comes to finding new pillows for outdoor furniture, one of the key concerns for buyers is whether the products they are looking at are made to last and can withstand the harsh Australian climate. It’s true, we experience intense levels of UV rays and so any investment must be vindicated by the inherent quality of the materials chosen.

At The Foam Booth, all of our foam products are crafted to deliver the highest quality. They are uniformly durable and are tear resistant. However, let’s not pretend that we never see a drop of rain in Sydney. Your cushions may be ideal for dry conditions but will they stand up to a downpour of rain?

Well, given the fact that we have a wide variety of marine-grade DRICELL foam readily available, our customers can depend on us to create outdoor furniture pillows that are designed to prevent water absorption. This attribute alone is very important in the long run since the presence of water and damp can foster mould, which could lead to health issues. You will have no such problem with our pillows and cushions, and we can even provide you with waterproof covers in any design should you require them.

Finally, there are, of course, plenty of Sydney natives that experience allergic reactions and facilities that require specialised alternatives for their clientele. Rest assured, that we use covers that are non-allergic, antibacterial, antistatic, flame resistant and non-irritating.

At The Foam Booth, we are proud of the reputation that we have earned and thankful to our past customers for continuing to spread the word about the quality of our products. We continually strive to excel in everything that we do and seek to always exceed expectations where possible.

Call Us Today To Discuss Your Outdoor Pilllow Needs

Our commitment to sustainable solutions for the planet is evidenced by the presence of GECA certification on most of our foam products, and this is something that we will continue to pursue. Outdoor furniture pillows are just the tip of the iceberg here at The Foam Booth, so to speak, so feel free to drop in or give us a call to learn more and find out how we can deliver a brand new level of comfort to your home.

The Foam Booth is Sydney’s preferred supplier of custom cut foam products. From custom made cushions, including floor cushions or replacement cushions. Learn more about our memory foam options, as well as polystyrene foam.

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