We are proud to introduce a collection of high-performance fabric designs by Walmatjarri Aboriginal artist, Jimmy Pike (c.1940-2002) – a surprising and refreshing interpretation of an indigenous genre.

Jimmy Pike was a Walmatjarri Aboriginal artist who loved to draw and paint his stories and observation’s. Born East of Japingka, an important jila or permanent waterhole in the Great Sandy Desert, he grew up as a hunter-gatherer. It was while working as a stockman that a cattle station manager named him Jimmy Pike – after Phar Lap’s jockey.

Jimmy learned to use Western art materials while in Fremantle Prison and had work exhibited in major Australian galleries even before his release. Jimmy’s ability to communicate as a painter, printmaker, textile designer, carver/ sculptor, storyteller, book illustrator, set designer and artistic collaborator, (namely with his wife Pat Lowe) will leave a legacy that will provide a touchstone through future generations.