Foam Tiles Australia

Although foam tiles are extremely light and easy to handle, they are much more durable than they might at first appear to be. They’re also extremely versatile, being available as floor or ceiling tiles and providing many benefits however they’re used.

Whatever use you have in mind, never underestimate the features of foam tiles. They’re cheap to buy, simple to install, and will provide a useful service for many years if they’re treated properly.

The Many Benefits of Foam Tiles from Australia

If you have a ceiling that’s looking a little past its best, restoring it to an acceptable condition can be an expensive and messy business. However, applying foam ceiling tiles can achieve a comparable result at a fraction of the cost and with a very quick installation that will cause little disruption.

A ceiling where the plaster is cracked and the paint peeling can spoil the whole look of a room. That look can be easily transformed into a stylish appearance with ceiling tiles that are available in a variety of styles and patterns, from deeply sculpted to plain, that will fit in with any décor.

They’re light and easy to handle, can be cut to size so they fit exactly, and can be stuck firmly in place on any suitable surface that’s reasonably flat. Their large size means you have fewer tiles to deal with and they can be painted to match any colour scheme.

They require no special skill or tools to fit and will look great for years, completely covering a ceiling’s previous faults. And, as an added bonus, the foam provides insulation that will keep rooms more comfortable and quieter.

Foam Floor Tiles for Comfort and Safety

In addition to ceiling tiles, we have foam floor tiles that are invaluable in certain situations. They are typically used in:

  • gymnasiums, where they help to prevent injury, should participants fall from equipment and also protect floors when heavy weights or other equipment are dropped
  • exercise areas where they provide a soft and comfortable surface for dance classes, yoga, and other routines, cushioning joints and avoiding injuries by preventing slips and slides
  • children’s play areas to provide a surface that’s safe and creates peace of mind for parents by alleviating the effects of heavy falls.

Our floor tiles are available as interlocking mats that can be cut to size and joined to cover the required area. They’re non-toxic, fire-resistant, and completely safe to use. What’s more, they reduce noise by absorbing reverberations that result from exercises and other activities. Consequently, they’re perfect for any area where there are noisy pursuits that can be painful without proper protection.

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Whether you want to improve the appearance of a ceiling or provide added comfort and safety in an activity area, we have the best foam tiles in Australia to enable you to do that. Choose the size, quantity, thickness, and style you need and then fit them exactly for a perfect result. At Foam Booth we offer a huge range of products including personalised cushions, outdoor furniture pillows as well as foam cut to size. Call us today to find out how we can help you.