Custom Cutting

If you require something a little bit different, we provide custom cut services for this customers looking for foam that is cut into different shapes and sizes.

Bring your measurements to one of our stores and a member of our team will help you in selecting the right foam for your project, then measure and cut to size. Our custom cut services are ideally suited for customers and businesses looking for a specialist product such as, mattresses, seating, sound proofing, packaging, costume making, exercise products, industrial products and even film and television props.

Custom cut foam is ideal for customers looking to refurbish saggy couch cushions. Bring in your old cushions or just the covers and we can replace the foam while you wait and provide you with a sofa that looks and feels like new at a minimal cost.

We carry every grade and density of Joyce foams which is manufactured in Australia. All our foam is treated with COMPRISHIELD (a treatment against Bacteria, Dust mites and Asthma). All our custom cut products are guaranteed for quality.

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