Sunbrella Pure


137cm wide.

A realization of shape, texture and color Nature is a continually renewed expression of shapes, textures and colors. The Pure Collection embraces this expression through raw and plush textures, patterns drawn from universal geometry, and use of color to imitate optical effects found in nature. Pure realizes these sensory experiences through motifs that feel authentic, relevant and unforced, creating essential design elements that, layered together or mixed with other fabric collections, subtly adapt to their environment. The fabrics of Pure create a natural duality with each other. Incorporating chenille and heathered yarn blends, dimensional stitching, and two-tone effects, Pure dramatizes the tension found in nature between soft and hard, linear and curved, light and shadow, and smooth and dimensional. In layering textures and tones, or focusing on a single pattern and hue, Pure reconciles these tensions and creates balance.
Design Custom Cushions with this Fabric