Bliss Canvas Logo Red


140cm Wide

$95-00 Per Meter


The Canvas collection depicts the basics of our colourful and sensitive mind.  We aim to stimulate all senses through the colours displayed and their association with certain emotions, ie. a chromatic perception that leads to inherently coloured feelings and vice versa.  We have chosen a wide range of essential BLISS hues to create a complete palette that can match any style and space; from earth, neutral and natural colours to brighter and more vivid tones.

Plain, pique and soft flecked weaving are the basis of this playful Canvas collection, which can be mixed and matched with any other design of the BLISS collections.

BLISS is a premium fabric range for the manufacturing of high quality indoor and outdoor furniture. Due to the wide selection of colours and textures, this fabric collection meets the markets current aesthetic demands. BLISS is made and designed in Europe and it is 100% solution dyed acrylic meaning it is suitable for outdoor furniture, while preserving its excellent properties such as colour fastness, UV and weather resistance.


Suitable for outdoor cushions, seating & upholstery.

Features & Benefits

  • 5 year warranty
  • UV & weather resistant
  • Water resistant